ATA NRG Bloom-C is a liquid organo-mineral fertilizer for the blooming period. The most important ingredient in Bloom-C is a seaweed extract. This extract naturally contains a mix of different organic molecules, which are important nutrients for the plant and any micro-organisms in the substrate. Furthermore, the extract has an positive effect on the overall development of the plant and this eventually results in a larger plant and thus a more exuberant bloom. 

Bloom-C also contains mineral nutrients. These mineral nutrients consist mainly of phosphorus and potassium to support the formation of flowers and fruit. In Bloom-C, the ratio of phosphorus to potassium is higher than our other bloom nutrition. The main reason that we recommend using ATA NRG Flavor in the flowering phase together with Bloom-C. Flavor contains a high concentration of potassium without phosphorus. This means the plant has extra incentive to form flowers and thus ultimately fruit with Bloom-C. Near the end of the cultivation you start adding Flavor. With the extra potassium from Flavor the plant will make the fruits nice and firm.

• strong yield-increasing

• Highly concentrated

• Eco-friendly


Type of plant nutritionbasic nutrientsCultivation stylesoil, coco, hydroBrand NameATA NRGSuitable forin & outsideN-Value0P-Value17K-Value13


1 - 3 ml per litre of nutrient solution.

Grow tips 

Add as of flower/fruit formation. The use of lime is only possible when dissolved in water! Use Bloom-C for an optimal result in combination with Growth-C, Flavor, Kilomix and Wormenmest (Worm Manure). Not suitable for irrigation systems!


100ML 250ML 1L 5L

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