Rootbastic: For massive root production!

Rootbastic is a root stimulator that is distinguishing for the high concentration of N-P-K and a large dose of trace minerals. The mineral nutrients, a vegetable extract and amino acids are present in high concentrations.

Rootbastic contains relatively many NPK’s (4-14-4 W / W). For a root stimulator, however, the phosphorus content is important. Phosphorus is the element that ensures the transport and storage of energy (in the form of ATP) and forms an important part of building elements in cells and DNA.

The addition with trace elements is essential in the first growth stages of the plant for the development of the roots. The only difference between the trace elements and NPK is that the amount needed for this type of elements is much smaller, but that does not alter the fact that these elements are important for the entire duration of the culture.

• High NPK-concentration

• Healthy root system

• Better resistance against diseases and fungi


Brand NameATACultivation stylesoil, coco, hydroType of plant nutritionstimulatorsSuitable forin & outsideN-Value4P-Value14K-Value4


0.1-0.3 ml per litre of nutrient solution. Gives an increase in the E.C. value on the basic nutrient solution.

Grow tips 

First 3 weeks of the growing phase of the crop. Shake well before use.


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